If you're someone who is seeking to be in and maintain good health through a non-invasive, whole-person approach to therapeutic body work and plant remedies, I'd love to work with you. 

Adriana is a professionally trained and licensed massage therapist and community herbalist located in Topsham, Maine, just across the river from downtown Brunswick.

It is her passion to assist and aid people on their healing path through therapeutic touch and use of botanicals. 

Adriana treats the wholeness of a person using an extensive knowledge and practice of anatomy,  physiology, dis-ease,  precise palpation skills, manual techniques, energetic observations, and compassionate communication. Each massage treatment is individual, based around and designed according to your intake before the session begins. Treatment always meets you where you're at, as each person is unique, and each day is different. From there, together we can work to reach and maintain optimal health and vitality. I look forward to working with you. 

 Adriana Rouquayrol, LMT



Though the nature of this work is not conducive to social distancing, I'm taking many precautions to keep my practice a clean and safe space that I feel confident to welcome you in to. 


In addition to normal hygienic procedures, these include:

 Mandatory mask wearing for everyone while in the office

-HEPA air filtration system (filters entire space every 30 minutes) 

-Frequent hand washing and sanitizing 

-1 client occupancy at a time

-Extended time in-between sessions for cleaning and airflow

-Social distancing and minimal exposure to people outside my own "bubble" 

-Routine, bi weekly covid-19 testing


Do you have questions or concerns regarding massage therapy and the corona virus?