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Adriana Rouquayrol, LMT
has been practicing massage therapy since graduating in 2011 from the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy. The natural world inspires in her a passion for promoting health and vitality. Believing in the body's innate ability and intelligence to self heal, Adriana uses her skills, knowledge, education and years of experience to facilitate and encourage this process.
In 2013, she left her hometown in Connecticut to study western herbal medicine at Pacific Rim College in Victoria, British Columbia. She then moved to Washington where she furthered her education in plant medicines, myofascial techniques and clinical visceral massage therapy. She also became an instructor of massage therapy at the Northwest Academy for the Healing Arts.
Over the years, Adriana has treated clients in a variety of settings, from busy wellness centers to medical massage facilities and chiropractic offices.
She specializes in treatment focused work of both chronic and acute pain conditions, including recovery from injury and surgery. Yet she believes in adapting her technique and intention to the specific needs of each individual. 
Adriana is constantly honing and expanding her knowledge and practice in the arts of herbal medicine and bodywork and, in addition to massage therapy, offers herbal consultations and preparations at her office.
She now lives with her husband and dog in beautiful Hallowell, ME. In addition to practicing massage and herbals, Adriana is also a part-time farmer. When not working you'll likely find her outside, whether hiking, canoeing, gardening, riding her motorcycle,  gathering food or medicine, or just laying in the sun, reading. 

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